Keith has a way with dogs! It’s not easy to articulate but you can see it in all his photographs. He captures the essence of their spirit, it’s hard to describe but the images speak for themselves.
I booked Keith to photograph me with my ageing dog and her younger brother and could not have been happier. He was a joy to work with and truly understood my dogs. He had amazing suggestions for iconic Hong Kong locations and the edited images were perfect. I will cherish the photographs forever!
Amy Kelly
It was a very interesting and good experience to have a photo shoot with a professional photographer as we always miss one of our family members for family photos. Keith is very natural at making scenes and taking pictures. We have 4 children and 2 dogs so usually nothing really stays still!  He's very good with our dogs - I think they behaved and stayed well in photos because of him so we could get lots of nice whole family photos. He suggested location, rooms, some gestures (i.e. everybody is wearing masks and standing by the window) so we could get nice varieties of photos inside and outside of our house.
I highly recommend Keith to help you capture a great memory of you and your family growth.
Mariko Ordish
After seeing some of Keith's work with animals, I knew that he would be the person to really capture the cheeky and playful spirit of our dog Badger, who can often be quite hard to photograph! We had such a fun few hours with Keith, Badger performed like a star and the end results were incredible. He really captured not only Badger but us as a couple in a natural way and the edited images just brought everything to life. We are so happy to have these special moments of our time in Hong Kong together.
Beth Hodge
I came across Keith Tsuji’s portfolio when I was looking for professional photographer to take casual photos of me and my dog. I was instantly drawn to his natural style and eye for color and composition. When arranging the photo shoot, Keith was very responsive and accommodating in adjusting the schedule and venue due to weather conditions. 
The day of the shoot, Keith gave great direction and found interesting locations for photos which I would never have considered myself. Keith was great with my dog and was able to guide him to sit well for the photos. The session went very smoothly and Keith was able to turn around beautiful images in a short period of time. I ended up ordering more photos from the package because Keith took so many good ones that it was difficult to choose.
I am very happy with my experience with Keith and would easily recommend him to anyone looking to capture memories with their fur babies.
Terence Cuaso
Keith is a truly amazing photographer as you will see from his website and together with his wife June they are an extremely professional and well organised team. They produced so many beautiful stunning photos both at our wedding and at our pre-wedding photo shoot. I am not the easiest subject and was certainly not a big fan of the idea of pre-wedding photos but they made the whole process as painless and efficient as possible as well as getting some truly superb photos. On the back of our experience with the pre-wedding photos we were in no doubt that we wanted Keith and June to be our wedding photographer. The pictures that Keith produced throughout our wedding day were exceptional. He really managed to capture the essence of our day, with all the beautiful colours, the fun, joy and emotion. He took so many wonderful pictures of our friends and family, and some great ones of Trista and I. They bring a smile to my face whenever I see them. You may think that in this day and age with so many camera phones around you can rely on guests but nothing compares to Keith's beautifully taken pictures.
Thank you so much Keith and June.
Trista & Charlie
You have many options when it comes to wedding day photography in Hong Kong. The hard part is finding a photographer that captures what you want. The majority of the photographers we came across had the typical wedding day photos with the standard poses and usual backgrounds. These were not the type of photos we want to look back to on our 10th, 20th, 30th year anniversary. We wanted our wedding photos to speak of who we are. Capturing Jasmine’s outspoken personality, Max’s stern yet soft character, and both of our family's very different cultures. 

When we found Keith, we knew our search was over. You can see for every couple he shot, the photos were different. They all told their own unique story. From his photos, you feel the wedding― again, and that is exactly what we wanted our wedding photos to be. 

Throughout the process of wedding preparation, Keith and his team was professional, genuinely caring, and effective. They were willing to go that extra mile and always with a smile, from going over and over ... and over the changes we made to the schedule, to flagging down a taxi on the day of the wedding in peak traffic hour in Causeway Bay. 

Under the pressure and stress on the wedding day, Keith was able to make us both (and our guests) very comfortable, natural and really enjoy our day while he was snapping away. We couldn't be happier with his energy and technique. 

To those who are in the midst of finding your perfect photographer, our advice is to give Keith a call. If you want someone that will listen, perform great under pressure, reliable, a quick thinker, an artist yet relatable, and someone that is going to treat your wedding as special as their own. Keith is your guy.

To Keith and his team, a million thank yous for our beautiful photos. You have captured candid, timeless expressions in our families and guests, which will forever allow us to relive the memories of those precious moments. Your photos will always take us back to the day that marked the beginning of our long loving life together as one."

Thank you once again, yours sincerely,
Jasmine & Max
Our international school in Tokyo benefitted from Keith’s outstanding photographic skills and ‘eye’ for many years.
I first met Keith when I booked my own family shoot, and the rest is history! I employ several professional photographers at my school (who have been exhibited), and many of my community are also photographers. I had a lot of experience working commercially with artists, yet Keith immediately proved to have his own lovely, unique style and he is very mindful of his clients’ requests.

Keith produced 5 beautiful family albums for me and moved across to be our official school photographer for all HQ, web-ready and commercial quality images. Keith moved between the floors at the school in a non- intrusive manner and caught the most beautiful moments on camera. I have thousands of perfect images archived and we haven’t managed to replace his work yet! Everything from posed portrait work, birthdays, web images and group shoots to (almost chaotic) action shots were fantastic and I cannot recommend his work more.
Juliet Rogove
Principal/Owner of Kspace International School, Tokyo.
We were looking for a photographer who could capture our magic maternity moment without overthinking the whole process.  Keith was excellent as he made us feel very comfortable during our session at home, capturing us as ourselves looking forward to our first baby.  We were very happy with the shoot as it was fun and done professionally.  The photos turned out great and we had many praises from everyone whom we showed them to.​​​​​​​
Josephine & Thomson
It may sound unbelievable to some people but Keith has the remarkable ability to "capture the beautiful spirit" in his photographs. Three years ago a traumatized and extremely shy street dog came into my care. Keith and his wife June took some of the most amazing shots of her. Poses where she looked so regal and confident I was blown away. I was so taken with his skills that I had Keith do another shoot with my other two other dogs and I was not disappointed. I could see Yoshi's big heart shining through his eyes and sense Lola's spunky personality as she posed like the Queen of Shiba. I will treasure these photos of my three best friends. Keith and June are extremely professional, patient and kind and I highly recommend their services.
Ginger Macqueen
I came across Keith's work on Facebook and decided to do a photoshoot with him shortly after. He took great photos of my dogs and was able to capture their personality in a very natural and unforced way. A year later, I hired Keith again to take photos of me and my foster dog , before she went to her forever home. They have provided a nice memory for me and I will treasure the photos he has taken of all my dogs forever!
Tracy Riccio
We initially worked with Keith on our surprise engagement photos and were so pleased with his work - we had to work with him again! The day we got engaged was beautiful but rainy - Keith captured the moment beautifully & made a wet soggy day a truly magical one in his photos. When we got him to do our engagement pictures too - he had his work cut out for him! We did not have much camera experience so he had to coach us to get comfortable in front of the lens & be much more natural than we normally would be. Also, we really wanted to capture sights of Hong Kong that were a key part of our everyday lives. Keith was able to be dynamic and very creative - his eye for detail and ability to innovate allowed us to on the fly, capture scenes that were close to our hearts while reflecting a whole new level of aesthetic beauty. We were completely comfortable knowing his good eye for angles & aesthetics and could not be more pleased with the results! ​​​​​​​
Michelle & Anthony
Keith has captured moments that we will have forever and already make us nostalgic. We spent the afternoon in the busy streets of Tokyo and would do it all again if we could! He was so fun and professional that we had a blast and incredible photos as a result. He made us feel relaxed and the photographs really represent who we are. We had so many compliments on our engagement photos that we only wish we could take Keith with us all over the world for every special occasion! We highly recommend and are forever grateful! 
Alex & Shastan
We feel so fortunate to have worked with Keith Tsuji three times in the past six years. Keith has such a wonderful way with children and animals, and was able to perfectly capture the individual personalities of each of our dogs, as well as our niece and nephew.  We keep many of Keith's beautiful images framed around our house, and treasure the memories he has preserved for us.  We look forward to working with him again soon!
Kendra Nitta
We stumbled upon Keith's blog when looking for a family photographer in Tokyo. We were so taken by his professional work that we knew we wanted him to capture our family moments. Keith was flexible, patient with our kids, and was able to take gorgeous outdoor photographs despite it being a cold, winter day. If you're looking for someone who does amazing journalistic-style work, we highly recommend Keith. 
Alice Liao
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